Why Most Fail But You Won’t: Crush it with Online Ads Small Business Week 2018

Are you running Facebook advertising, but nothing seems to work? Does it ever feel like you're just throwing ads out there and hoping that something sticks?  Compared to other PPC platforms like AdWords, Facebook can seem difficult to conquer at first.  That's because most businesses focus on the wrong things. In this class, we'll break

How to comply and adapt to Europe’s GDPR and recent Google Analytics/FB Pixel Regulations

How to comply and adapt to Europe’s GDPR and recent Google Analytics/FB Pixel Regulations (Yes, this affects American companies too!) What’s going on? With all the recent stir with Cambridge Analytica and other events, users are demanding changes in privacy regulation. Put simply; people want to know when their personal information is taken, why it’s

5 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

5 Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic in 5 minutes So, after weeks or months of hard work, your website is finally online – and it’s a thing of beauty. Everything seems great – the design is gorgeous and user-friendly, every button and link work perfectly, and the whole website experience just feels right. You

Five Ways to Keep Your Giving Campaign on a Positive Path

Five Ways to Keep Your Giving Campaign on a Positive Path As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to boost your followers and customers. You feel good about your business and you want others to feel that way about you too. So, one of the ways you are thinking about increasing this

Leading Your Consumer to Laughter

Leading Your Consumer to Laughter The way companies interact with consumers has drastically changed over the course of the last few years. While traditional advertising and marketing was confined to print, radio, and TV, today’s marketers have far more tools at their disposal. Online advertising is enormously important, perhaps even more important than all other

Facebook Core Audiences Tips and How tos

FacebookCore Audiences What is a saved or core audience? These are audiences created in ad manager and saved so you can reuse them in different ads. A great way to make a saved audience is using audience insights.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Tips and How tos

FacebookLookalike Audiences What is a Lookalike Audience? A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your best existing customers. Facebook will look for patterns and characteristics your current users, leads, or customers, have in common – such as age, gender,

Facebook Custom Audiences Tips and How tos

FacebookCustom Audiences What is a Facebook Custom Audience? A Custom Audience from a customer list is a type of audience you can create made up of your existing customers, Facebook page followers or website visitors. They are essential tools for successful Facebook advertising campaigns. What are the types of Custom Audiences? Customer List (a.k.a. Standard) Custom Audiences Website Custom