Facebook Custom Audiences Tips and How tos

FacebookCustom Audiences

What is a Facebook Custom Audience?

A Custom Audience from a customer list is a type of audience you can create made up of your existing customers, Facebook page followers or website visitors. They are essential tools for successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

What are the types of Custom Audiences?

  • Customer List (a.k.a. Standard) Custom Audiences
  • Website Custom Audiences
  • App Activity Custom Audiences
  • Engagement Custom Audiences

Customer List (a.k.a. Standard) Custom Audiences

A list of emails, phone numbers, or Facebook User IDs that Facebook will match them with its users. Facebook will usually match between 60-80% of the contacts on your list.

Create Your own Custom Audience from an email list CSV

Website Custom Audiences

Instead of users’ email addresses or phone numbers, you can insert a Facebook Pixel tracking code on your website and target your Facebook Advertising to all users that have visited a specific page on your website during a set time period (up to 180 days)!

Engagement Custom Audiences

You can create audiences of those who engage with certain ad types or your page. The duration of these ad types is up to 365 days, although the more recent is often better – it is engagement after all.

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