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Need help growing your company and don’t know where to turn? Small business coach and digital marketing expert, Molly O’Kane, has a different approach to help you build a successful business from scratch with limited money and time. With over a decade of experience managing projects in collaborative leadership as an online marketing consultant, Molly teaches classes and coaches small business owners on social media, email marketing, SEO, and online advertising, to help prepare you for tomorrow’s business. She has assisted businesses in growing their sales between 10-500%.

Past Speaking Engagements: SF Small Business Week, Small Business Administration, Renaissance Entrepreneurial Center, Urban Solutions

Molly O'Kane


Molly provided education. I felt a lot of my needs answered immediately, where as the research I did wasn’t catered to small businesses. It gave me the insight of how to juggle a family and a growing business. Created a pathway to go down, didn’t know how to hit goals before.

Angie Chang, @chairsandcups Testimonial Angie Chang, @chairsandcups

Molly is awe-some! She wants you to succeed, and girl does she know her stuff! My head is spinning- it is full with sooooo much more knowledge than we had before! She showed us about a million things that we knew nothing about, listened to our concerns and struggles, and did a super stellar job of helping us understand. Then she directed us to what we could work on ourselves-helping us feel so much more comfortable with online marketing(hello facebook and blogging). She also helped us by vetting folks to help us with the things that there was no way that we could do ourselves. We have learned so much from Molly, we so appreciate her patience, and we look forward to working with her more. Because, we’ve said it before-this one knows her stuff!

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